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ADP Workshop Discussion, where Tove Ryding, Greenpeace, represented CAN


Panel discussion on opportunities for international cooperation and mobilizing resources and support during the ADP workshop, with representatives from the Climate Group, ICLEI and Climate Action Network.

Photo Credit: Leila Mead/IISD


Wael Hmaidan at the NAMA Workshop

CAN delivered a presentation to further the understanding of the diversity of nationally appropriate mitigation actions by developing country Parties, underlying assumptions, and any support needed for implementation of these actions.

Report on CAN Pre-COP Workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - 19 to 21 October, 2011  

This report explains who participated in the CAN Pre-COP workshop in Ethiopia in October 2011. The discussions that took place are highlighted and regional follow-up work to these discussions is currently underway.


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