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Side Event Monday 3rd Dec. 18:30 – 20:00: CAN and Southern Voices on Climate Change


Civil society activist share achievements and challenges
Hall 5, Side Event Room 2

As results from international climate negotiations have a distant horizon, civil society push governments to take domestic action to increase resilience and protect the vulnerable against the effects of climate change. Achievements and challenges from around the globe are shared in this side-event.


Climate change advocacy in the South – successes, challenges and lessons learnt
By:Peter With, Care Danmark, Southern Voices on Climate Change

Malawi: Monitoring  the National Budget for Funding for Climate Change Adaptation
By  Vitumbiko Chinoko, Christian Aid and CISONECC

Indonesia: National policy dialogue as a tool for awareness raising on climate change
By Henriette Imelda, CAN Indonesia

Pacific: Campaigning at the Summit for Most Vulnerable Countries
By  Ben Namikin, CAN Kiribati

Niger: Campaign against the World Bank financing adaptation by loans (PPCR)
By Garba Tahirou Issa, African Youth Initiative on Climate Change

Central America: A civil society movement to promote regional action to climate change
By Mónica Lopes Baltodano, Sustainability Watch

Half an hour discussion between the panel and the audience.

Mr. Raju Pandit Chhetri, CAN-International

CAN Southern CSOs Pre-COP 16 Preparatory Meeting (Mexico City) - 2010


This meeting was one of the most intense discussions in a focused setting for CAN’s southern members. Last year CAN International under the Southern Capacity Building Program engaged in inter-country and regional capacity building sessions which were narrower in their objectives.  
The Pre-COP 16 Southern CSOs Preparatory Meeting was in a sense the next logical step forward in the discussions amongst Southern CSOs to strengthen their capacities and develop a joint understanding of the challenges existing in the global south. The range of expertise and backgrounds represented within the group of participants was another positive element responsible for the outcome of this meeting.
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