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CAN Intervention in the COP19 Workshop under the SBI work programme to further the understanding of the diversity of NAMAs, by Anja Kollmuss, 11 November, 2013

I am Anja Kollmuss speaking as a member of the Climate Action Network.

The recent IPCC report highlights that the remaining global carbon budget is very small and shrinking fast.

Impacts of climate change are worsening rapidly. The need to reduce emissions immediately has never been more vital and urgent.

At the outset CAN stresses that developed countries must lead efforts and raise their mitigation and finance commitments dramatically.

Given the severe carbon budget restraints we are facing, developing countries too must contribute to global mitigation efforts.

17 developing countries have taken on economy-wide targets or committed to NAMAs with specific quantified GHG reduction targets.

We call on other developing countries to follow suit.

34 countries have not yet come forth with any pledges or NAMAs.

32 countries have NAMAs that are not yet specific enough to allow for the quantification of GHG impacts or their implementation.

Together these 66 countries make up a fifth of global CO2 emissions.

We are calling on all developing countries to, inter alia, clearly identify assumptions, and agree to common rules for establishing business as usual baselines and for MRV of mitigation actions.  Developing countries should also articulate how much their mitigation effort could increase with financial and technological support.

The sum of national actions must match the ambition needed, both in the short and in the long‐term.


CAN Submission - CDM Validation Process - August 2011

CAN submission on the CDM Validation Process

August 2011

The CAN submission identifies current issues and suggests how improvements to the existing modalities could be made. We make concrete recommendations on how the validation process can be strengthened by providing guidelines and rules to improve civic participation and the transparency and quality of CDM projects.

CAN makes the following recommendations to the CDM Executive Board, outlined in more detail below:

  • Provide clear rules and guidelines on how to conduct local stakeholder consultations
  • Establish clear guidelines to DOEs on how to assess stakeholder consultations
  • Increase access to information or the global stakeholder consultation
  • Increase the transparency of the validation process after the end of public commenting period
  • Establish a grievance mechanism for affected stakeholders


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