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Conservation Council of Western Australia

The Conservation Council of Western Australia (CCWA) is the State’s foremost non-profit, non-government conservation organisation. We are WA’s peak environment group with over 100 member groups and have been an outspoken advocate for conservation and a sustainable WA for over 40 years.

Our vision is to have communities living sustainably in our unique WA environment, our mission is to increase community awareness on conservation, and encourage action for conservation throughout Western Australia.

What do we do?

Our key role is to facilitate effective advocacy and action on conservation and environmental issues on behalf of our member groups and the wider community.

We’re working with community, government and industry towards a more sustainable future for Western Australia. With professional staff and dedicated volunteers, we work on policy development and legislative change, consultation, campaigning, submission writing, and environmental education.

We gather and distribute information and provide support and a forum for other conservation groups. We liaise directly with the Government, media departments, community groups, and political parties.

We’re looking beyond short-term profit and instead working towards a clean economy in WA that provides opportunities without polluting the environment.

We’re also working to protect our wild places and ensuring that species found nowhere else on earth like the numbat and black cockatoo will have a future,a nd we’re fighting to preserve our unique lifestyle so that future generations of Western Australians can continue to enjoy what we take for granted today.

Contact Information: 
City West Lotteries House 2 Delhi Street
6005 West Perth

Conservation Council of South Australia


About Conservation SA

The Conservation Council of South Australia (Conservation SA) is a peak body representing over 50 member groups whose main purpose is conservation and protection of the environment. Combined, these groups represent over 60,000 South Australians. Conservation SA is an independent, non-profit and strictly non-party political organisation.

We play our part by championing the environment and the people who care about it. We give a voice to the growing environmental challenges that face us and the emerging solutions showing the way to the future. And we educate and engage people about what they can do to help.

We believe that our future depends on all South Australians. We inform the public and government on key environmental issues and participate in government and community processes that seek to restore and protect the natural environment. Conservation SA liaises with industry, government departments, unions, community organisations and all political parties. By nominating individuals to sit on government committees, we provide the community with direct input into government decision making.

Contact Information: 
Level 1, 157 Franklin St
5000 Adelaide

Climate Change Balmain Rozelle

Like many similar groups, Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle began because a few individuals saw a desperate need for change and set out to galvanise many. However, this group differs from others in one key respect: CCBR was the first climate change action group in Australia to be run by local residents for local residents

The evolution

The seeds of the group were sown in July 2005 at a global warming forum at the Balmain Town Hall. A small group of parents and residents began meeting with a view to creating a local action group. This embryo group was initially nurtured by the environmental organisation the Nature Conservation Council of NSW and began meeting regularly and having a presence at local shopping precincts and markets.
In early 2006, five members of the original working party decided that the most effective way to bring about real change within the local community was to focus their energies on a single key issue and they formed a new, completely non-partisan group. Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle was incorporated on February 3, 2006. 

Our achievements

With a working party made up of a core of the earliest members, the highly motivated Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle group has a growing local supporter base and has made considerable gains in its short life, including: 

•    A fundraising dinner which attracted over 70 people and raised more than $3,000
•    A letterbox drop of 10,000 postcards to every household in the Balmain/Rozelle neighbourhood introducing the group
•    Attracting the attention of established green groups and being approached for advice by other local communities
•    Widespread media coverage, including headlines in the Sydney Morning Herald
•    The launch of its Solar Schools project

Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle will continue to concentrate on one of the biggest issues facing the local community - the predilection of governments (both state and federal) for fossil fuels and their support for industries which produce energy from damaging and unsustainable resources, notably coal. As well as lobbying governments, Climate Change will encourage the residents and businesses of Balmain and Rozelle to take their own action by choosing renewable, clean sources of energy.

Contact Information: 
PO Box 890
NSW 2039 Rozelle

Climate Change Australia


Climate Change Australia is a community climate action group, with branches in Grafton (Clarence Valley), Port Macquarie (Hastings Valley) and Taree (Manning Valley) in north eastern New South Wales.

The aims of Climate Change Australia are to: 


  • raise awareness about climate change issues and impacts
  • encourage everyone to conserve energy and water
  • promote the increased use of renewable energy
  • encourage all levels of government to take urgent action on climate change


Membership is open to anyone who supports these aims. As well as monthly meetings, members keep in contact via email posts.

Contact Information: 

Climate Action Now Wingecarribee (CAN-Win)


Welcome to CANWin (Climate Action Now! Wingecarribee), a non-partisan community group in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

CANWin runs regular lecture nights with wise and inspiring speakers, as well as collaborating with other local groups that share our vision of a united, resilient and sustainable community.CANWin is working to engage with the local community in its efforts to minimise climate change and prepare for the effects of peak oil. We recognise that none of us can do this alone, but together we “must be the change we want to see in the world” (Mahatma Ghandi).

One of our primary and most exciting ventures is Transition Shire Wingecarribee, part of the world-wide Transition Network. TSW works to bring climate change and peak oil to the attention of locals, but also to function as a catalyst and/or support for community groups and action. Transition initiatives’ Holy Grail is a path from our current fossil fuel-dependent lifestyles to a more locally-based, simple and mindful community.

Contact Information: 
P.O. Box 1193
NSW 2576 Bowral

Climate Action Newtown



Climate Action Newtown is a local community organisation based in Newtown, NSW.

Our goal is to educate and activate the local community about the climate crisis we are facing – and the solutions that exist now. We believe Australia needs to take urgent steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition our economy to a low carbon future based on 100% renewable energy.

Our members are local residents from the inner-west of Sydney. We have strong links with other groups in our community including environmental organisations, local student organisations, and bicycle groups. All members of Climate Action Newtown are volunteers and the group is politically unaligned.

Contact Information: 

Climate Action Newcastle



Climate Action Newcastle (CAN) is a committed group of local residents from all backgrounds working together to address the single biggest issue facing humanity: Climate Change. We are a community based non-party-political group of volunteers who recognise that the world faces a crisis. Climate Change is a global emergency. The urgency to act simply cannot be understated. CAN is here for people of all walks of life to be a part of the solution. 

Your input and involvement in creating a low emissions future is vital to the future of our region and the planet. Please join CAN on our common path towards a truly sustainable future.


Our mission is to secure a clean energy and low carbon future for the Hunter which will in turn contribute to a sustainable future for all.


Our goals are: 
  1. To motivate and build the capacity of government, industry, business and people to take action towards a clean energy future
  2. To position CAN as a leading local voice on climate action
  3. To achieve measurable outcomes towards reduction of carbon emissions
  4. To sustain and grow CAN as an inclusive membership organisation
Contact Information: 
PO Box 2359
NSW 2309 Dangar

Catholic Earthcare Australia


Catholic Earthcare Australia was established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference in May, 2002 and received its present Mandate in May, 2003.

As an agency of the Catholic Bishops Commission for Justice and Development, Catholic Earthcare Australia's mission is to help promote understanding among people that Creation is sacred and endangered, and must be protected and sustained for present and future generations yet unborn.

To play its part in helping protect the integrity of creation and the health of Earth's inhabitants and life supporting ecosystems, Catholic Earthcare Australia is mandated, through the activities of research, education, advocacy and outreach to give leadership in responding to Pope John Paul II 's call for an "ecological conversion" of the world's Catholics.Catholic Earthcare Australia has partnered with CarbonSystems to provide Catholic organisations with the means for measuring and reporting on their environmental performance as a part of the ASSISI sustainability initiative. The purpose for this partnership is firstly, to enable Catholic organisations to measure their ecological footprint and secondly, to reduce their footprint using the intelligence gained from the audit tool 'ECIS' (Energy & Carbon Intelligence System).

ECIS is being offered through Catholic Earthcare Australia to all Catholic organisations including Catholic Schools, Education Offices, Diocesan Offices, Parishes, Agencies, Universities, Health Organisations, Religious Congregations and Orders. The ECIS system can aggregate and report on all of these diverse areas and over time will enable Catholic Earthcare Australia to report on the environmental footprint of the Catholic Church in Australia. 

Contact Information: 
19 Mackenzie Street
NSW 2060 Lavender Bay

Cairns and Far North Environment Centre

This year, CAFNEC celebrates 30 years as the peak regional non-government environment organisation for Far North Queensland. We were established in 1981 by concerned local and regional community members with an interest in nature conservation and environmental protection. We should all feel very proud of the incredible achievements the organisation over this time which have only been possible due to the tireless efforts of past and current CAFNEC members, supporters, staff, management committee members and volunteers.


The Cairns and Far North Environment Centre together with the leading national and state environment groups have come together to make it clear we do not support the Federal Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) in its current form.

We’re concerned the level of greenhouse
gases in the atmosphere are already above safe levels, and the CPRS will not effectively reduce carbon pollution.

We’ve put together a Plan B of measures that could be enacted in the next two years and would set Australian up to meet the vital target of halving our greenhouse pollution over the coming decade.

The environment groups behind Plan B, with a combined membership of more than 400,000 Australians, call on the Rudd Government to abandon the fundamentally flawed CPRS and commit Australia to this new approach to tackle climate change.

Plan B outlines five priority areas where we could achieve significant pollution reduction in the next few years and make deep cuts in emissions over the next decade.
1) Prioritise saving energy 
2) Fast-track the switch to a renewable energy economy
3) Drive the shift to low emissions vehicles and sustainable cities
4) Protect our forests and woodland as a carbon store and make agriculture a part of the solution
5) Grow the green job economy

The Plan B agenda will provide tens of thousands of green jobs based on saving energy; enable a fast transition away from coal and towards renewable energy; and protect precious forests and establish carbon sinks.

Contact Information: 
27 Greenslopes
Cairns North

Bathurst Community Climate Action Network

The Bathurst Community Climate Action Network has been in existence for just over two years now. It came about from a group of individuals who sought to be involved in the Bathurst Region response to one of the greatest challenges facing life on earth.

The organisation is a network of organisations and individuals working together to promote action on the challenge of climate change and sustainable equitable development.

The principal focus is to work with the Bathurst Regional Council, individuals and organisations in this shared challenge.

A number of action planning teams have been set up so that members might focus their attention on a specific area of interest or concern.

Practically in reaching out to the community, BCCAN conducts or supports other inititiatives such as workshops, seminars, expos and information sharing to help raise community awareness and skills

Contact Information: 
PO Box 1469
NSW 2795 Bathurst


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