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Denia Aulia-Syam

Denia Aulia Syam is currently am working as researcher in Pelangi Indonesia, a non-profit think tank working on climate change, energy and transportation issue in Indonesia. Her work is cross-cutting and involves both research and program development on the topic of climate change, adaptation needs and mitigation option especially in rural area, in line with their poverty alleviation needs. Her core area of interest are studying linkages between climate change and development issues, poverty alleviation strategies, community resilience, community empowerment and development, but also business development strategy and project management.

Ange-Benjamin Brida

Ange-Benjamin Brida comes from Ivory Coast. After completing his Bachelor and Masters in Water and Environmental Sciences he is working on several projects for his PhD in the field hydrology and climate modeling.  His work focuses on the assessment of impacts of climate change on hydrological cycle and also adaptation and mitigation strategies in the fields of agriculture, forest management and small hydropower projects in West Africa.

He also has long experience in voluntary works with scouts in his country and also with climate advocacy with several international NGO networks, specifically with Climate & Development Network which is a francophone network coordinated by ENDA and CAN France.

Ange is currently leading a research group of young environmental scientists called ENVISCIENCES(Environment & Sciences) based in his university. He would like to set up a working group on climate science within CAN.

Taukiei Kitara

Taukiei comes from the extremely vulnerable South Pacific country of Tuvalu. He lives in Funafuti. He started as a teacher of  English and Geography at Motufoua Secondary School in 1995 – 2000 Tuvalu. He spent some time working as a Computer Technician at the Tuvalu PC Technology Ltd,for a year. Then he moved on to work as a  Youth Officer at the Tuvalu Family Health Association (2003, TuFHA, Tuvalu).

In 2004 he took on the role of Project Development Officer up until now, with TANGO -Secretariat for the Non-State Actor (NSA) a component of the 9th European Development Fund (EDF 9).Currently Taukiei is the National Focal Person (NFP) for the GEF-Small Grants Programme / NZAID-Pacific Environment Facility in Tuvalu and also helps to manage the Secretariat for the Tuvalu Climate Action Network (TuCAN) since 2007.

Mona Matepi

Mona Matepi is a Cook Islander from the South Pacific region.  She specializes in community conservation strategies and planning, often facilitating the collaboration between NGOs and government in developing strategies for natural resource management in her country.  Her experiences in planning and priority setting with government agencies and rural island communities brings a wealth of insight to the special needs of SIDs in conservation and efforts to climate proof cultural heritage sites. She has a lead role in engaging civil society participation in efforts at developing partnerships to move forward on the proposed Te-Moana-Nui-o-Kiva Pacific Heritage project involving several Polynesian countries. 

Gerardo Honty

Gerardo is  the Energy Programme Coordinator at CEUTA (Uruguayan Center on Appropriate Technology) and researcher at CLAES (Latin American Center on Social Ecology) in Climate Change and Energy issues. He is also advisor of UNESCO Latin American Office of Science and Technology for energy and climate change issues and editor of Energy Monthly Journal of “La Diaria” Uruguayan newspaper.


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