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Dago Tshering


Dago holds a Diploma in Forestry from the Natural Resources Training Institute in Bhutan. He has worked with the Department of Forests and Park Services for over two years in the mid-nineties and worked for the Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) since 1999. Within RSPN, he worked in various capacities with a major role in coordinating and implementing the Integrated Conservation and Development Program (ICDP) in the Phobjikha Conservation Area.

Dago was actively involved as the focal point for research on the black-necked cranes wintering in Bhutan and produced publications on social science, ecology, Climate change and human health as part of the research activity in conservation.

He also has experience in the field of social sciences, gained while working directly with grassroots communities. Dago is also the fellow from Bhutan under the   Capacity Strengthening of Least Developed Countries for Adaptation to Climate Change (CLACC). He currently is working as the Environment Education Officer for RSPN.

Samuel Dotse

Chief Executive Officer, HATOF Foundation Ghana

Ghana's CSO Elected Representative , 1ST PERMANENT GENERAL ASSEMBLY , Economic , Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) of African Union

Involved in the Climate Change negotiations since 2004. Working with governments, para state institutions, local communities in adaptation, mitigation and capacity building

Expertise in facilitation, program and project development, monitoring and evaluation, advocacy, lobbying
  strategic management, capacity building with a strong background in research and development

Trained by UNDP/ GCCA as a Gender Expert in Climate Change

Other areas of expertise includes biodiversity conservation, sustainable land management, desertification , Finance and youth development

-Hold Post graduate Diploma in International Environmental Law
 Professional Diploma in Economics -UK
Higher Diploma in Management Studies-UK
Certificate in Human Rights - Geneva

Emmanuel Seck

Emmanuel SECK is Programme Manager for the Dakar-based environment and development NGO (ENDA) where he has worked since 1994.

At ENDA, Emmanuel manages the environment, energy and development programmes and is their Knowledge Manager.  He has been involved at the national and international levels in the Convention to Combat Desertification . His work in this field has extended to starting up and maintaining RIOD, the International NGOs' Network on Desertification. He has published many articles on Desertification issues and is regularly consulted by UNCCD Secretariat and other international institutions.

Presently, Emmanuel Seck is a member of the Board of Climate Action Network International (CAN International), Regional Coordinator of CAN (CAN West Africa), Regional Coordinator of Drynet Project (Global initiative giving future to the drylands), ENDA Coordinator of the project “Knowledge Sharing Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa”,Moderator of “Mediaterre” (French-speaking Information World system for sustainable development)

Emmanuel has a higher degree in information and communication sciences from Dakar University (1992) and a Certificate on Leadership in Environment, Wye Imperial College, London, 2004. He has also received training in sustainable development at the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, France, in 1999, and in ITC at the Centre de Suivi Ecologique, Senegal, in 1998.

Lama El Hatow

Lama El Hatow is an environmental engineer working for a private sector company in Cairo, Egypt called Soil & More International as Project Manager and R&D focusing on organic agriculture and carbon sequestration. In the UNFCCC negotiations she represents IndyACT- The League of Independent Activists, a Beirut based NGO focused on climate campaigning in the Arab World, as Climate Policy Officer. She is an Egyptian national based in Cairo, Egypt. Lama is also a Ph.D. Candidate in the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), in the Netherlands doing her research dissertation on Water Resource Management under Climate Change in Egypt.

Benoudji Colette

Mrs Bénoudji Colette has a Master's degree in science of education from the University Lumière Lyon, France.  Founder of Lead Tchad organization in Chad, Colette and her team are tackling Climate change with local communities, youth and mothers organizations by running local initiatives project as adult ecological literacy with solar stoves, research, and capacity building. For the last five years Lead Chad has been implementing, Girls Education Project in partnership with AED/USAID and understand the link between the vulnerability created by a lack of education and increasing climate change vulnerability. She has extensive  professional experience in the field of development, human resources management and training. Colette has worked  with International organizations such as  UNICEF (Children's United Nations Funds),  USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and worked for over 15 years in the  Basic Education Project funded by the German Technical Cooperation, GTZ in  Chad.  She is a graduate fellow from the program Lead Africa.

Mahlet Eyassu

Mahlet Eyassu has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Social Administration and Master of Arts in Environment and Development from the Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.  Mahlet has been working for Forum for Environment, a local NGO in Ethiopia that works on environmental advocacy since 2008. Currently, Mahlet is a Climate Change and Program Manager and the coordinator of Ethiopian Civil Society Network on Climate Change (ECSNCC) with more than 55 member organizations. The network she is coordinating works on awareness raising, capacity building, experience sharing, lobbying and also conducting action-oriented research on climate change. Mahlet has also participated the President’s forum with Young African Leaders in the White House being selected as a Young African Leader in August 2010.

Dr. Mario R Caffera

Dr. Caffera is the founding member, Amigos del Viento (Meteorología-Ambiente-Desarrollo) Civil Society, Uruguay. Council Member, Faculty of Sciences (graduate order, 2008-2009). Former Consultant at the Agricultural Policy and Planning, Agricultural Ministry (2008-2009), Uruguay; Former Consultant in Atmospheric and Climatic Issues at the Climatic Change Unit, Environmental Directorate, Uruguay (2003 and 2005). He worked for 14 years as an Associate Professor at the College of Sciences (1985-2003). Prior to that he spent 31 years as Civil Servant in the Uruguayan National Weather Directorate (1973-2003).

He holds a Licensiure (5 years BA) in Meteorology from the Buenos Aires University, 1979.  3rd Cycle Master Degree, Environmental Sciences, Fondation Universitaire Luxembourgeoise (Arlon, Belgium, 1984). Atmospheric and Oceanological Sciences Doctorate, Buenos Aires University, (2006). Dr. Caffera is currently involved in looking at the spread of dengue fever due to a changing climate in Uruguay. Besides that he is currently involved in several activities - free academic at Environmental Sciences Unit, College of Agronomy, University of the Republic, Uruguay  and a Lecturer in Climatology and Biogeography at the College for Secondary Teachers in Uruguay.


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