High-Level Event: 100% Renewable Energy for 1.5C Degrees

Senior representatives from cities, businesses, national governments, climate vulnerable communities, development organisations and civil society are gathering to showcase actions that are taking place around the world to get us on track to go 100% renewable. Speakers will present actions and demonstrate the benefits, moral imperative, technical and financial feasibility of the just transition to a world powered solely by renewable energy.


Follow the event on social media: #Go100RE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDu1Sb5qpGc&feature=youtu.be


Event Partners: COP22 Presidency, Climate Vulnerable Forum, UNDP, SE4ALL, Climate Action Network, World Future Council, The Stanley Foundation, Hivos, Sierra Club, Christian Aid, Renewable Cities, RE 100, Climate Group, Climate Reality Project, Solutions Project, ICLEI, Climate Reality, Greenpeace, Purpose, ICLEI, Avaaz, 350.org, WWF, CARE, IndyAct, Beyond Zero Emissions, Track 0

For more information contact Hala Kilani or Mark Raven


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