The Big Shift Global

A public mobilisation campaign urging the World Bank to stop driving the world beyond 1.5C by using taxpayers money to finance fossil fuels

The BIG SHIFT Global - campaign urging World Bank to respect 1.5C goal of its shareholder countries by committing to 100%RE by or before 2020

The Big Shift Global is a multi-stakeholder, global campaign coordinated by organisations from the Global North and South. Together, we aim to make the people’s views on energy finance known to Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), their Executive Directors, as well as the Heads of State and Finance Ministers of the members countries. Leveraging public opinion is crucial to aligning decisions made by the MDBs with long-term climate safety and poverty goals – this inevitably involves a shift away from financing any form of fossil fuels to financing clean, sustainable, renewable energy for all.

The first phase of this campaign is focusing on the World Bank to reinforce their commitment to 1.5C and SDGs at their Annual Meetings in October 2017 by agreeing to measure and disclose the GHG emissions footprint of their lending and investments. The World Bank agrees that climate change is affecting the poorest people on the planet. Its goal is to end extreme poverty globally within a generation. However, it still supports a lot of projects that contribute to climate change.  

Campaign action

The campaign provides a ready paltform to send a customised letter to the email inbox of President of World Bank and board member (ED) representing your country at the bank. The letters will be consolidated and delivered in person to the World Bank at the Annual Meetings for them to know the real demand of the people the bank exists to serve.

Visit the Big Shift Global website here for complete and updated information

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July 28, 2017 - 2:55pm