Spinning off in Bangkok?

A little bird told ECO that today's LCA spin off groups are reason for concern. Unfortunately the compromise agenda that was adopted in Bangkok did not resolve the many differences of opinions between governments on what should be negotiated first. ECO learned that in the shared vision group there is a clear division over whether priority should be given to the two issues that are in the Cancún agreement, the global goal and peaking, or whether all important issues should be dealt equally. In the finance group there was clear division over whether the group should start discussion on fast start and long-term financing. And in the review group countries discussed whether the review should deal with the adequacy of the long-term goal as stated in the Cancún agreement, should review the full implementation of the Convention, or should review the Convention as such. ECO has always said that countries should implement Cancún undertakings, and go further on the road to building a real fair, ambitious and legally binding deal. Given the amount of time that has already been spent on agenda fights we feel countries should get on with the work at hand.

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