Qué tal, Costa Rica?

ECO is quite disappointed with Costa Rica. While the country holds an international reputation of being environmentally sound, peaceful and actively engaged in the protection of nature, the current government began developing a huge petrol megarefinery some time ago.

We appreciate that Costa Rica always pushes for good outcomes in these negotiations and says that it leads by example.  For example, look at the confirmation for funding (US $10.7 million) for a NAMA with regard to coffee beans. That is great news, especially for those of us who like our morning cup.  But while NAMAs promote low carbon development, the minister of environment is actively promoting the creation of dirty fossil fuel industries in a country that set up a target of carbon neutrality by 2021.

Concerns by the citzens and several academic and independent groups focus on the impacts of construction of the refinery and the lock-in to the fossil fuel economy this initiative promotes over the longer term.

So why insist on a refinery when the country's national goal is carbon neutrality? Is a refinery really a necessary 'necessary evil'? 

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