Progressing the Adaptation Agenda

Negotiators made progress here in Warsaw on various adaptation issues. We have a decision on the next phase of the Nairobi Work Programme. Negotiators also worked hard on expanding the National Adaptation Plan process through technical and financial support.

It’s also good that the work of the Adaptation Committee was acknowledged, and we expect that enough resources will be provided to implement the 2014 work plan. But perhaps the next Annual Adaptation Forum could be less of a self-congratulatory talk-show. 

Negotiators also worked hard on Loss and Damage. The establishment of an effective international  mechanism would be a major accomplishment for Warsaw (but let’s remember ‘effective’).

There is welcome news of achieving the US $100 million fundraising goal for the Adaptation Fund. But it should not have been so difficult to achieve, given the pioneering work and effective performance of the AF.

Much more needs to be done to establish confidence that the $100 billion will be delivered by 2020, as public finance is required to trigger the necessary scale of action.

When Parties bring bold pledges to the climate summit in New York in September (let’s remember ‘bold’), this should include substantial money for the Green Climate Fund and other instruments allowing adaptation to be scaled up rapidly. The work of getting the Loss and Damage international mechanism off the ground – assuming Parties actually carry through to establish it in Warsaw – must continue with increased urgency.

Finally it will be important to consolidate ideas and proposals to strengthen adaptation in the 2015 agreement. And don’t forget the strong links needed among mitigation, adaptation and Loss and Damage. If we continue on the current low-ambition track to a 4°C world, the time for adaptation will have passed in many places.

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