Pre-2020 Ambition

ECO thinks that the ministerial roundtable to increase pre-2020 ambition should first ensure that all ministers clearly understand why it is urgent and important to increase ambition by all parties with adequate support for developing countries. How about starting the roundtable with highlights of the UNEP gigatonne gap and the World Bank 4° C reports? 

Next, ministers should propose what they are willing to do.  
Here’s a good one: how about moving to the high end of the pledges. 
Here’s another one: How about ending fossil fuel subsidies? 
While we’re at it: Phase out HFCs? 
Are we done yet? Not even close. Time to stop building any more coal power stations. 
Come on, everyone can play!  Just choose and do it! After all, we’re running out of time!  
Speaking of which, and last on ECO’s list: agree a date to agree on further measures. 
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