More Good Steps From AFB

The Adaptation Fund Board (AFB) convened its 13thsession three weeks ago and some areas of progress gives us real reason for optimism. The AFB has helped expand adaptation efforts in developing countries when it approved projects in Ecuador, Eritrea, and Solomon Islands. Unfortunately expanding direct access to the funds remains a challenge. The AFB decided to make the key points discussed in the project decisions available to the public, including the weaknesses that have to be addressed. This information will allow the public to engage in the improvement of projects. They  also strengthened the role of the stakeholder consultation in the project review; it still requires further guidance and should include measures to avoid maladaptation. The AFB has also further progressed the monitoring and evaluation framework. However, it should firmly prioritise giving special attention to the most vulnerable communities. AFB had a promising start. ECO wishes the new AFB chair a good year and hopes it stays on track.