As Jørgen arrives at the Bella Center Metro station every morning, he is always greeted by friendly people distributing flyers on the need to be a vegetarian. Jørgen likes them, having become a vegetarian ever since Lord Nicholas Stern said it was the best way to protect the planet from climate change. Jørgen was also pleased all food outlets at the Bella Center offered a vegetarian main meal every day at a non-Danish price. Why then were so many people eating meat with such relish?

Sharing a table with an international guest from Asia, he advised him: “You must eat a vegetarian meal at least three times a week in the interest of climate change.” He got a shock when was told the man had been a vegetarian for decades and had reverted to eating meat in Copenhagen. The reason? “The vegetarian food here is terrible; I had no choice but to start eating meat again. Now I fear I may never revert to being a vegetarian.”

He continued: “Because Denmark is a very cold country, your vegetables are not very tasty. When I was in Italy, the vegetables were fine and tasty and the food was great. That is because it is a warmer country.”

One particular organisation at the exhibition centre was having their meals delivered every day by external caterers. Jørgen had been content with the food so far. But in the interest of the thousands at the Bella Centre committed to being vegetarian for the climate, he had a responsibility. He headed off to see the head chef on improving the quality of the vegetarian food.