Fossil of the Day

Extra Extra! The US wins the first Fossil of the Day for 2011! 

This fossil is formally presented for their complete refusal to accept the concept of a common/standardized accounting system for measuring national emissions reductions towards their target.  

During Sunday’s workshop on national mitigation targets and strategies, the US made it exceptionally clear that they do not envision a common accounting framework.  ECO noted the continual expressions of that view by the US, while noticing that the US seemed to be pretty alone in that view.  The irony of that position became even more glaring as the US raised several questions in the developing country session regarding a common framework for developing business-as-usual scenarios for developing emissions.  The irony wasn’t lost on ECO. One can only hope that the US will “review the tape” and remember that the US has always been a strong proponent of rigorous rules.  Maybe a relaxing spa treatment in Bangkok will refresh their memory.