“CAN Collectibles”: Saudi Arabia

More Fun Than BacktoBack Plenaries!
Fast Facts About Countries That Can Increase TheirAmbition in Qatar


National term of greeting: Assalamu Alaykom (meaning "peace be on you")
Best things about Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia houses Mecca and Medina, the two holiest places in Islam.
Worst things about Saudi Arabia: The super lavish lifestyle of many people
Something you didn't know: It is believed that the tomb of (Biblical) Eve is located in the city of Jeddah
Another thing you didn't know: 50% of employees in the governmental sector are women
Existing action on the table: No mitigation action has been communicated to the UNFCCC
Additional actions Saudi Arabia should agree as their 2020 contribution, at a minimum: Develop and communicate a comprehensive low carbon development strategy, including reductions targets and NAMAs to reach those targets
Rationale: Saudi Arabia is strongly situated to inspire us and actually become a progressive voice to save the planet. Saudi Arabia behaves as if oil is the only thing that matters to them, which is not true. Saudi Arabia is rich with culture, values and history, which is not reflected in its current position. With the COP coming to the region, Saudi Arabia should reflect the fact that “Arabs are more than oil” and adopt a position that would ensure the survival of future generations. With such a position, combined with their diplomatic skills, Saudi Arabia will establish itself as a true global leader. ECO is ready to assist.
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