We can do it and we must do it!

Sandra Guzman
Program Director Air and Energy
Mexican Center of Environmental Law (CEMDA)

I am attending the UNFCCC June Bonn session in Germany. I am one of the Southern Capacity Building Fellows of CAN-International. Last week we lost a lot of time discussing the agenda for this meeting, but we can´t continue with this attitude. It is not fair for the world that is watching us. At least 3000 people who are here need to do something to attain the climate change goal and present fair results to of rest of the 6 billion people in the world.

We can´t wait, this is a demand from us from the people who lives in Africa, in Asia and in Latin-American, and for all civil society that want changes to shape the future.

We are losing our forests in Mexico, and that is not different in Ethiopia, in Uganda, nor Brazil. We are living with real problems already.  This is not fair and the negotiators have the responsibility to decide what is good for all the people, not just for the self-interest of a guided bunch.

We have one week to decide what we are going to do to work to arrive to Durban with a good package. We don´t have time to lose; this meeting is costing energy, money and we can´t waste more time.

Please get to the point, what are the sources of the funds? How is the adaptation board going to function? What is going to happen with the Kyoto Protocol? Where are the real compromises for the parties? We have no more time to waste.